2016 Worst Year Ever?

My Favorite quote about 2016 comes from a Facebook post from Chad Kerychuk. “If a year could be a villain, it would be 2016. It took a Prince and a Goblin King from us and now it stole The Princess.

David Bowie, Prince and Carrie Fisher are just the start of a very long list of celebrities and cultural icons that passed in 2016. Over 100 if you were counting.

We also lost Willy Wonka – Gene Wilder, Hogwarts’s Professor Snape – Alan Rickman. Everyone’s caring, sometimes funny and loveable dad Alan Thicke. Along with TV Mom and Wesson Cooking oil spokesperson Florence Henderson. Amazing Author Harper Lee, Golf Legend and inventor of my favorite summertime drink Arnold Palmer. Boxing’s greatest Mohamed Ali. “You Got To Have Faith.” Singer George Michael.

It is true that someone can die of a broken heart Debbie Reynolds passed away the next day after her daughter Carrie Fisher. Debbie’s final words were “I want to be with Carrie.” Yes, in a nutshell, my childhood took a beating in 2016. Personal I lost my grandpa Tyler and a dear school friend in 2016.

2016 wasn’t all bad we eliminated measles from the Americas. Harriet Tubman’s going to be on the new $20 bill. Scientists found the gene that’s linked to ALS. The Cubs win the World Series and end the 108-year-old curse. Scientists revealed that the hole in the ozone is beginning to heal. Simone Biles took the Olympics by storm. The Play Hamilton and the wonderful music exists. Hamilton took home 11 Tony awards and last by not least Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar.

2017 is already going to be a better year because the Season 4 of the wonderful BBC TV Series Sherlock premieres on January 1st… This has been over two years in the making.


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