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When I was little people would always ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. How did you answer the question? Maybe you wanted to be a fireman, or how about a pilot, or maybe a teacher.

The answer I gave the first time I was asked this question was “I want to be Wonder Woman.” Definitely not a typical answer to the above question. After it was explained to me that it wasn’t a real occupation that I could apply for. Not to mention the other huge hurdle of not being born as an Amazon princess. my answer became an Artist.

Before I could really walk on my own I was drawing. If you didn’t put pencils, pens or markers out of my reach, I would grab them and go to the nearest wall or book and draw. Many times I even drew on myself. My parent’s were always repainting the walls or giving me a bath. Like many others, my very 1st gallery was our refrigerator in the kitchen. My mother always told me that art has to be in my soul. The time that my mother and grandmother noticed that art was a big part of my life was during an open house at my grade school. I was in 1st grade and It was around Thanksgiving so Mrs. Crone asked the class to draw a turkey. Everybody in my class started to do the placing your hand on a piece of paper and outline it, but I drew a very fat turkey, with colorful feathers. My turkey had a huge smile on his face. Mrs. Crone just loved it, but I didn’t understand what the big deal was because I still wanted to work on it more to make it better.

In high school, I understood that some people could draw realistic things really well and I knew that I was a person that enjoys drawing non-realists things. I also enter many contest and man times I would win on of the top three places. Many of my teachers had me doing things for them like designing a bulletin board or designing flyers for a teacher’s meeting or even taking photos at a sporting event, meeting etc. Looking back those were my first design jobs.

Now as an adult I have been a graphic designer for over 10 years and have worked on all sorts of things to TV commercials to post cards. I have also won many awards for my design work. It’s a wonderful feeling to see your design work being used in the real world and not just on a computer screen. To see more of my work http://www.ambertylerdesigns.com.

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