Detour, Detour, Detour and a Detour

I don’t know if you are aware but in Wisconsin there are actually 5 seasons. Spring, summer, Road Construction, Fall, and Winter. And the road construction can last forever. When it does stop it’s just in time for my least favorite season winter to make it grand entrance and that one likes to stay around for a while too.

I don’t know about any of you, but I have had enough construction to last me a lifetime It’s just never ending. To get to work I have 4 detours to go through and not to mention that the end of October they are going to be closing the last convenient exit for me to get home. A drive that on a good day takes 25 minutes is now 45 minutes or more. Sure it’s only for a week, but haven’t we already had enough.

I understand the reason and I’m truly grateful for the people that do that kind of job, but it’s everywhere I turn. I think I just need a vacation from it. But, where to go to get away from it. Alaska nope they are doing a huge bridge, Hawaii nada they are working on the Pearl Harbor interchange. I know other city’s, states have road construction, in fact, I would go out on a limb and say that probably there isn’t one place in America that doesn’t have some sort of road construction, so there really is no escaping it.

Construction isn’t new to me either, when I lived in Wisconsin Dells they were working on the only bridge that connects the upper and lower Dells and at the same time updating the exit and on ramps on the interstate. It was faster to drive to the next town and turn around and head back to my apartment. Then to try to drive through the road construction. I lived through that I guess I will do the same here. I have no choice.

Vent officially over!

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