I Can’t Just Pick One!

I have always enjoyed movies, the stories that they tell, how the story is told. Along with the emotion that they can bring out from the viewer. So, it wasn’t much of a stretch for me to work at a video rental place to help pay for college. Even before that, I was the kid in the neighborhood that had her own mini video collection going on. I can’t even tell you how much babysitting, summer jobs money was used to buy VHS tapes and later on DVDs. 

I have also been able to remember events, actors, actresses, quotes, and titles of movies. For some reason that has stayed in my brain. It’s a blessing and a curse, my family calls it my superpower. So, this past weekend an old friend asked me the question that every movie lover dreads to be asked… “What is your all-time favorite movie?” 

I just looked at him for a few seconds then replied back “Which Genre?” He then gave me a look of confusion and said “Out of all of them” 

I kind of went on a rant after that… “Are you waiting for me to say Star Wars like most people say when asked this question?” Don’t get me wrong I love Star Wars, but you can’t say that it’s any better than “Gone with the Wind” or “Wizard of OZ.” That’s like comparing apples to stars in the sky. Plus, what Star Wars movie? You have over six of them to choose from. You can’t ask me that, to group all my likes and disliked to one movie. It is impossible, the best I can do is what is my favorite movie for each genre.”

 So, after saying this he looked at me with the blank expression on his face and started to rattle off the different genres. Below are my answers (mind you this went on for about 2 hours). As we were walking around the Farmers Market. Near the end, he was just making up categories to try a stump me. I was rattling off my answers and adding some extra insight if you will to his way of thinking.

A movie made in the 00’s? – Atonement

A movie made in the ’80s? – The Princess Bride

A movie made in the ’90s? – Toy Soldiers

A movie that made you hate something. – The Birds

Action movie? – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Action comedy movie? – Deadpool

An after-school special – The Face on The Milk Carton

An Alfred Hitchcock movie? – Psycho

Animation non-Disney movie? –  Anastasia

Art movie? – Big Eyes

Art documentary movie? – Waking Sleeping Beauty

Based on a true story movie? – Hidden Figures

Biographical movie? – The Blind Side

Black and white movie? – Schindler’s List (yes, I know that it isn’t all black and white ie. red coat and the ending)

British drama movie? – Pride and Prejudice

British romance movie? – Me Before You

Buddies movie? – Super Troopers

Childhood Christmas movie? – Muppet’s Christmas Carol

Children movie? – Zootopia

Christmas movie? – Love Actually

Clint Eastwood directed movie? – Gran Torino

College Theme movie? – Accepted

Comedy movie?  – Tommy Boy

Comedy drama movie? – The Breakfast Club

Comedy horror movie? – Warm Bodies

Coming of age movie? – Juno

Crime movie? – Fargo

Cult movie? – Labyrinth or do you mean a movie about cults if so them? – Colonia.

A director that you refuse to pay to see his or her movies? – Woody Allen

Disaster movies? – The Day After Tomorrow

Disney movie? – I have to break this down a bit…

Disney animation movie when Walt Disney living? – Sleeping Beauty        

Disney animation movie after Walt Disney death? – The Little Mermaid

Disney live action movie when Walt Disney living? – Swiss Family Robinson

Disney live action movie after Walt Disney death? – Beauty and the Beast

Dystopian world movie? – The Hunger Games – Catching Fire

Documentary movie? – Food Inc.

Drama movie? – The Shawshank Redemption

Epic move? – Forrest Gump

Experimental movie? – Waking Life

Faith-based movie? – In-Lawfully Yours

Family movie? – The Wizard of OZ

Fantasy movie? – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Foreign subtitles movie? – The Princess and The Warrior

Foreign movie that was made in English but like the foreign version better? – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Gamer movie? – Ready Player One

Gangster movie? – Goodfellas

George Lucas directed movie? – Star Wars – Return of the Jedi 

Girl power movie? – Erin Brockovich

Guilty pleasure movie? – Starship Troopers

Hallmarkish movie? – The Magic of Ordinary Days

Historical documentary movie? – Paper Clips

Historical period drama – The Help

Horror movie? – Flowers in the Attic

Independent movie? – The Big Sick

James Cameron directed movie? – Titanic

John Wayne movie? – The Quiet Man

Kevin Costner movie? – The Postman

Kid adventure movie? – Stand By Me

LGBTQ movie? – The Normal Heart

Lifetime movie? – Montana Sky

Lone Wolf movie? – The Martian

Made for TV movie? – Door To Door

Made for TV movie British movie? – North & South

Made for TV movie Canada movie? – Anne Green Gables Series

Martial arts movie? – The Karate Kid

Martin Scorsese directed movie? – The Wolf Of Wall Street

Michael Bay directed movie? – Armageddon

Missing person mystery movie? – Gone Girl

Mockumentary movie? – This is Spinal Tap

Monster movie? – Gremlins

A movie centered around food? – Chef

A movie Franchise? – Star Wars

A movie filmed with 300 miles of Wisconsin? – While You Were Sleeping

A movie of people being too big or too small? – Downsizing

A movie that I might not have seen but you think I will like? – Lady Bird

A movie that is 3 hours or over in length? – Gone With the Wind

A movie that made you hate an actor or actress? – Love & Basketball The dad in the movie – He now does Allstate commercials.

A movie that made you jump out of your seat? –  Signs 

A movie that was better than the book? – Julie & Julia

A movie that was made from a TV Show? – The Man from U.N.C.L.E

A movie that you figured out the ending before everyone else did? – Seven

A movie that you have made into a drinking game? –  The Lego Movie “Master Builder” 

A movie that you know by heart? – Dirty Dancing

A movie that you liked until the end? – Then Man in the Moon

A movie that you only need to see once? – The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

A movie that you watched over and over when you were a kid? –  Space Camp

A movie that your parents love but you hate? – The Jerk

A movie with a good soundtrack? – Eddie and the Cruisers 1 & 2

A movie with a performance by Musician Non-Musical? – The Bodyguard

A movie you were shocked to like?  – District 9

A movie you wish would have a sequel? –  Galaxy Quest

A musical movie? – Little Shop Of Horrors

A mystery movie? – The Silence of the Lambs

Noir movie? – Sin City

Odd child out a movie? – Wonder

Old monster movie – Young Frankenstein

Old school black & white movie? – Casablanca

A movie that you and your sister could agree on? – Goonies

Oscar winner movie? – The King’s Speech

Another planet – space travel movie? – Passengers

Parody move? – Spaceballs

Pixar movie? – UP

Political movie? – The American President

Real life crime document movie? – Dear Zachary: A letter to a son About his Father

Remake that you like better than the original? – A Star is Born

Road trip movie? – Little Miss Sunshine

Robin Williams movie? – Jack

Rom-Com movie? – Pretty Woman

Romance movie? – Working Girl

Romance sports movie? – Cutting Edge

Ron Howard directed movie? – Apollo 13

Sci-Fi movie? –  The Fifth Element

Short (less than 8 minutes) movie? –  Paperman

Silent movie? –  The Artist

Slasher movie? – Scream

Slice of life movie? – About A Boy

Spike Lee directed movie? – Black K Klansman

Sports movie? – Rocky IV

Spiritual movie? – Fireproof

Spy movie? – Shinning Through

Stand – Up comedy movie? – Eddie Murphy – Raw

Steven Spielberg directed movie? – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Superhero – DC movie? – Wonder Women

Superhero – Marvel movie? – Captain America (1st one)

Supernatural/ghost movie? – Ghostbusters

Tearjerker movie? – Steel Magnolias

Teen movie? – Sixteen Candles

Thriller movie? – The Skin I Live in

Time Travel movie? – Back to the Future Part 2

Tom Hanks movie? – A League of Their Own

Treasure adventure movie? – National Treasure

Two different parts of the world coming together movie? –  Amira & Sam

Visually awesome looking movie? – Down With Love

War movie? –  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot    

Wedding movie? –The Wedding Date

Wes Anderson directed movie? – The Royal Tenenbaums

Western movie? – Dances With Wolves

When Robots go wrong movie? – The Terminator (3rd One)

When Science Goes Wrong movie? – The Island

World cinema movie? – Run Lola Run    

Worst movie ever? – Battlefield Earth    

You hate the author but like the movie? – The Choice    

Zombie movie? – Shaun of the Dead        

(Personally, I’m more impressed that I recalled so many of his off the wall categories and still had answers for him.)

So, after all this, I asked him “What is your all-time favorite movie?” He smiled and replied “Star Wars” ugh!

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