For a few weeks now I have been seeing signs and posters all over town saying “Missing Ferret! $ Reward Call 608.555.5555 (not the real phone number) with no picture of the missing animal. Written in child-like handwriting. Two thoughts come to mind. 

First thought, This child is going to learn one of the toughest lessons that life hands out. Losing a pet is never easy and when you don’t know if they are “still alive or not” eats at you. 

I myself remember riding my bike for weeks yelling my dog’s name “Jezzie”. I went to all her favorite spots and even made up missing poster with her photo on it. I cried myself to sleep for weeks. I blamed myself that she was missing. I even slept outside on our huge deck in hopes that she would come back home. With no luck, I had to assume that she passed away and was up in heaven catching tennis balls and getting tummy rubs.

Finding out many years later (Like 20 years later) that my dad told us that she went missing so he wasn’t to be blamed for having her put down. Because the tumor that she had grew and she was in pain. It was like I missed her all over again. 

Parent of the year award will not be given to my dad that is for sure. Our neighbors must have thought I was crazy. Yelling her name all over the neighborhood. I truly hope this isn’t the case for this poor child. 

My Second thought is a two-part thought first is most people wouldn’t know what a ferret looks like. Not the most common pets to have. (I do know what one looks like my ex-stepmom had one as a pet.) Not having a picture is not helping with the finding of your beloved pet. What color is said missing ferret? Does it have a name? so many unanswered questions. The second part of this thought is a bit comical I have an image of a ferret with a hobo sack on a stick. That is just ready to leave his home and make it on his own. Hitchhiking all over the United States. Sure, he will send postcards to his human family to let them know that he is ok and living life to the fullest. I wish this was true. But most likely it becomes dinner for a larger animal or got ran over. 

I feel for the kid, I really do!

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