Why Call Your Blog A Black Sheep?

In school I always loved art class, so becoming a graphic designer wasn’t a shock to anybody in my family. Sometimes my mom and dad wish that I became a doctor or a lawyer.

In 2005 I took a job at my hometown’s newspapers the same ones that I grew up reading and many times was in for one sports or another. When my co-workers found out that I grew up in both DeForest and Poynette, they asked me if I would like to write a column every 4 weeks. I smiled and said, “ No thank you!”

Week after week someone would ask me “Amber would you like to write a column this week?” I just smiled and said, “No thank you!” Most of the time they asked me so they could get out of writing there a column that week.

I held out for 428 days. I don’t know why I final said yes, but I have to say that writing this column has taken me out of my comfort zone and let me try something new.

A Black Sheep Logo [Converted]


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